Initial Meetings & Conversations are always casual, professional and without charge.

Every Small Business has a story that is as unique as the owner’s.  

We want to get to know you and your business without the initial barrier of a fee.  Coffee, Lunch, a meeting at your place of work or meeting sometime after work are all good settings to get to know you. 

What is your personal story?  What do you want from your business?  How does that fit with your personal goals?  Are there any specific items causing you stress or where you feel you could use help?  

Our goal is to develop a good understanding of your overall needs before we engage in a partnership.  It is important for a successful partnership that you get to know us as well.  We are consistently able to meet client needs, but we pride ourselves in being open and honest if your needs require different skill sets outside of ours.  We have a large network of experts within Cincinnati and are happy to refer partners when needed.   

We are business owners ourselves and value the time you spend with us. 

Let's meet to discuss the future of your business.