One-off Financial Projects

The items listed below come down to one question: Are you currently allocating the right resources to the most impactful aspects of your business to maximize performance?

Cash Flow 

Set up new processes to improve cash flow annually. Experience includes inventory management, accounts payable/receivable options, lines of credit, vendor management, pricing negotiations, resource management.

Budgeting/Forecasting Processes:

Develop forecasting and budgeting processes that can be used to make real-time adjustments to improve performance based on actual results.

Profitability/Margin Improvement:

Identify and implement changes to improve profitability and margin. Limit pricing discounts, uncollected funds. Review business for high cost, low revenue segments and implement plans to improve.  

Product/Customer Profitability:

Build or use existing profitability models to identify revenue vs. resource challenges. Partner to improve existing business and develop processes to allow for better decision making going forward.

Business Case Buildout & Challenge: 

Develop process to assess return profile for material initiatives. Process should allow for various what-if scenarios so businesses can make appropriate risk/reward decisions and adjust pricing or resource allocation.  

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