Part-Time Experienced Financial & Operations Partner

Having a part-time partner, with the right experience, is a cost effective option that allows businesses access to critical experience, while limiting ongoing expenses.  

The need can arise under one of two scenarios:

  1. A specific need arises within the businesses that is outside the skillset of anyone currently on staff, but that need does not require a full time resource. A significant initiative (i.e. new product or service, expense reduction, expansion, new systems/processes) within the company can be a trigger for the need for a senior level partner.  
  2. The company has grown to the point where existing resources are stretched to capacity, but there is more senior level work to be done. A part time partner can help bridge the gap until the businesses is ready to add a permanent senior level financial partner. 

Let’s meet and discuss your needs and the benefit of adding an experienced and trusted financial partner.