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Most business advisers can outline WHAT needs to be done, but our unique talent is to work on the HOW. We work with our partners to implement changes to achieve results after the WHAT has been identified.


We take the time up-front to vet the opportunity with our partner to ensure the return on investment is appropriate and that we are the appropriate solution. Our engagement documents are written to allow our partners to engage or disengage as needed.


We spend a minimum of 10% of our time providing free advice & work for non-profit organizations. We are drawn to serve organizations working to improve lives and build a better world.

Our Process



Call, email, or schedule time to talk


Schedule time for no-fee personal meeting(s)

Great opportunity for us to get to know each other and understand your business, background and goals


Initial Validation

Low-cost method to initially size the opportunity and validate the costs, benefits and scope



Agree on what a successful outcome looks like and partner to achieve goals

meet the owner

About Us

Jarrett is a proud Cincinnatian who has a passion for all the area has to offer and could not imagine raising his family anywhere else. Having lived in several other areas of the country during his career, Jarrett knows the unique culture of Cincinnati leads to honest, hard-working, innovative people and businesses that create jobs and take care of their community.

What our customers are saying

Jarrett has been my trusted business adviser for several years and he has helped me develop strategies to improve my results by making better business decisions.  Specifically, Jarrett has been diligent creating various analytics to increase my profits and cash flow.  He is able to not only provide the financial rational, but also create the path to ensure we achieve the operational results we want.

Recently, he guided me through the purchase of a commercial building and an asset purchase of two retail stores.  All big steps for a small business owner. Thanks to Jarrett’s guidance I made an informed decision to take the next steps to grow my business. As a business consultant , Jarrett earns my highest recommendation.

R&R Resale

Becky Finger

We began working with Jarrett in the Spring of 2018 when we uncovered the need to create more sophisticated financial projections with product profitability while exploring an expansion and potential Series B round of investment. While Jarrett was beyond skilled (and patient) in helping us build out these plans, where we really valued his partnership was in his ability to see and communicate a bigger picture and plan.

As small business owners, it is so easy for us to get caught up in the day to day and short term wins and challenges. Jarrett’s ability to consistently communicate, ‘hey, have you thought about this or that’, and encouraging us to consider a different perspective that we may not have already considered is one of his traits we found most valuable. We also found it incredibly beneficial to have an outside point of view, sounding board and ultimately, someone we can trust to help coach, encourage and advise us through great and tough times.

Lindsey Roeper

The Rivertown Brewing Co

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